Delivering consistent, timely, effective services wherever they are needed in Canada has its challenges. At Voc Rehab Canada, we knew that the effective use of technology would eliminate many of the existing barriers.

VRCAN has developed an electronic content/case management system (CMS) that provides the following features:

  • Electronic Document Management that allows for the creation of secure, internet-based, electronic client files which can be accessed at any time by any system user who has been assigned appropriate permission
  • Work Task Management that assigns work tasks to the appropriate person at the appropriate time, moves the work on to the next step when a task is complete, and sends notifications when work is not on schedule
  • Data Capture, Storage, and Reporting capabilities that are extremely powerful and can be customized to meet individual customer requirements

    Privacy Compliance
    The CMS provides significant capability with respect to ensuring compliance with privacy legislation and any customer security requirements. Client information is stored on servers in a secure facility, and is backed up according to industry standard daily back-up protocols. This, combined with the restrictions on access to the system and the security of transmission, ensures the safekeeping of personal client information. In addition, the meta-data capabilities of the CMS provide a complete audit trail concerning which users created, modified, or even accessed worker information.

    Vocational Assessment Technology
    Vocational Alternatives Software, a VRCAN partner company, created and developed a vocational assessment and exploration tool called QuickNOCPro Career Guide which is used (over 20,000 times thus far) by rehab and career planning professionals across Canada, including Voc Rehab Canada.