Disability Management Services

Disability Management Services are provided to employers to help them reduce disability costs, increase productivity, and meet legislated requirements. Services include:

  • absence/attendance management,
  • physical demands analysis,
  • medical treatment monitoring and expediting,
  • Workers' Compensation claims management,
  • return-to-work planning and monitoring,
  • meeting employer duty to accommodate.

Our expert return-to-work coordination and case management team use an interdisciplinary approach to meet the needs of the employer and employee. Our background in understanding rehabilitation needs and recovery durations, and our access to a network of treatment providers allows us to provide for the safest, most respectful and timely return to work for all employees, regardless of the nature of their disability. Furthermore, our leading edge knowledge and innovative interventions in Mental Health claims management provides for positive outcomes in this escalating and costly area.

We are also proud to provide the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAPTM) through our trained PGAPTM Rehabilitation Consultants.