About Voc Rehab Canada
Voc Rehab Canada is the operating name of VRCAN Inc., a national consortium of experienced regional vocational rehabilitation (VR) companies. We provide customers with single-point access to VR and disability management services anywhere these are needed in Canada.

Our customer base includes:

  • Federal and provincial government programs
  • Workers' Compensation Boards and Commissions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Employers
  • Lawyers
  • Unions and Associations

Voc Rehab Canada brings a vast depth of knowledge and diverse experience to any project. We are skilled professionals, pioneers, educators, conference presenters and experts in the field.

VRCAN provides services from coast to coast to coast, including all provinces and territories. The geographic distribution of our more than 400 staff members across Canada maximizes our ability to deliver services directly to clients in or near their home locations. Services are provided in either official language.

Additional benefits to our customers include:

  • Access to many of the most experienced vocational rehabilitation practitioners in Canada. Historically in Canada, regional companies have provided VR services. As a result, these regional companies have become home to the most experienced VR professionals in the business. VRCAN's partner companies each have an established track record for providing high quality services in their particular regions. The principals in each company are leaders in the field of vocational rehabilitation.
  • Local knowledge. Canada is a richly diverse country in every respect, resulting in vocational rehabilitation challenges that vary significantly from place to place. VRCAN's partner companies are experts in understanding and overcoming the challenges within their own regions. The collective value provided by each company's local knowledge of labour markets and trends, socio-economic climate, employer base, training options, and other VR resources is unmatched in Canada.
  • Uniform product. All project and contract-based work performed by VRCAN is centrally managed and controlled. Each VR Professional performing the work receives the same orientation and support. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, all reports have the same structure and look. All reports pass through a centralized quality assurance process before being provided to the customer.
  • Forum for continuous improvement. The interaction between regional front-line staff and VRCAN supervision, and the processing of work through the quality assurance model, results in the identification of regional best practices, and the incorporation of these best practices throughout the organization.